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What is eDPI

What is eDPI?

eDPI, or effective dots per inch, is a metric utilized in the realm of gaming to encapsulate the comprehensive sensitivity of a mouse setup, taking into consideration both the hardware sensitivity represented by DPI (dots per inch) and the in-game sensitivity settings. 

It serves as a unified measurement that reflects how a user’s physical movements translate into on-screen cursor or crosshair displacements within a gaming environment.

The calculation of eDPI involves multiplying the DPI setting of the mouse by the in-game sensitivity factor, resulting in a value that signifies the overall sensitivity experienced by the user during gameplay.

How eDPI is calculated?

The formula to calculate eDPI is straightforward:

����=DPI×In-game sensitivity

Here, DPI represents the hardware sensitivity of the mouse, and in-game sensitivity is a setting within the game that further adjusts how the mouse input is translated on the screen.

For example, if a mouse has a DPI setting of 800, and the in-game sensitivity is set to 2, the eDPI would be 800×2=1600.

This means that for every inch the mouse is physically moved, the cursor on the screen will move 1600 pixels.

How eDPI is calculated
How eDPI calculator works

How eDPI calculator works?

Here’s a step-by-step description of how our EDPI calculator works:

User Interface:

The user is presented with a clean and user-friendly interface. It includes:

Two input fields for entering DPI and sensitivity values.

A “Calculate” button to trigger the calculation. A result area to display the calculated effective DPI.

User Input:

The user enters the DPI (Dots Per Inch) value in the first input field. DPI is a measure of the sensitivity of a pointing device, such as a mouse.

The user enters the sensitivity value in the second input field. Sensitivity refers to the amount of cursor movement corresponding to the physical movement of the pointing device.


When the user clicks the “Calculate” button, a JavaScript function (calculate) is triggered.

The JavaScript function retrieves the values entered by the user for DPI and sensitivity from the input fields.

EDPI Calculation:

The script multiplies the DPI value by the sensitivity value to calculate the effective DPI.

The formula for calculating EDPI is: EDPI = DPI * Sensitivity.

Result Display:

The calculated effective DPI is then displayed in the result area below the “Calculate” button.

The result is presented in a formatted message, such as “EDPI (Effective DPI): [calculated value].”

How to use eDPI calculator correctly?

Follow these steps to correctly use our eDPI calculator correctly:

Enter DPI (Dots Per Inch):

Locate the input field labeled “DPI (Dots Per Inch)” on our eDPI calculator.

Enter the DPI value of your mouse. DPI represents the sensitivity of your mouse, and it is usually a value specified by the manufacturer.

Enter Sensitivity:

Locate the input field labeled “Sensitivity” on the calculator.

Enter the sensitivity value you use or prefer. Sensitivity refers to the amount of cursor movement corresponding to the physical movement of the pointing device.

Click the “Calculate” Button:

After entering the DPI and sensitivity values, click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will perform the calculation using the entered values.

Review the Result:

Look for the result displayed below the “Calculate” button. The result will be a calculated effective DPI (EDPI), presented in a formatted message such as “EDPI (Effective DPI): [calculated value].”

Adjust Settings if Needed:

Based on the calculated EDPI, you may choose to adjust your mouse settings in your computer or gaming setup.

Some users prefer higher or lower EDPI values based on personal preferences and the type of tasks they are performing, especially in gaming scenarios.

Repeat as Necessary:

If you want to experiment with different DPI or sensitivity settings, you can repeat the process by entering new values and clicking the “Calculate” button.

How eDPI is calculated

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is 320 eDPI high?

We recommend to stay within 200-400 eDPI range.


DPI specifically refers to the hardware sensitivity of a mouse, EDPI takes into account both the hardware DPI and the in-game sensitivity settings.

Is 3600 eDPI good?

It depends on the game.